About Me

Hi. I’m Jen.

My catchphrase: “Huh, what? Say that again?” I’m profoundly deaf. The interest in photography was born in part from a desire to express myself without needing command over the spoken word. Behind the camera, my deafness doesn’t matter. There, I can direct people with a wave of hand. There, I can tell a story without words.

My goal with this site is to follow in the footsteps of other fantastic photographers like Chase Jarvis, Scott Bourne, and Dave Hobby, and share my knowledge freely and liberally, and empower people to pursue their passions.

I shoot with a Pentax k5 (as of Spring 2018), but might be switching in a few months. It depends on what happens with Pentax later this year (see here and here).

Featured on…
Colorado.com / Colorado Live

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